Welcome to the WEEKLY SOUNDTRACK podcast. Each week we will be letting you know what we’ve been listening too, give you a brief taste with the intention of exposing you to something you may not have heard yet. Support the artists you hear on this podcast. We’ll also let you know what we’ve been interested in the news, entertainment world and anything else that pops up.

Grateful Dead – Workingman’s Dead

Allman Brothers – Bear’s Super Trippy Early Show Recording while touring with the Dead

Soundgarden – Ultramega OK

Bartok Plays Bartok


Below is a fan video of Soundgarden at the Palladium in the early 90s. It is one of the greatest shows I ever attended. I got knocked out within the first 15 minutes and spent most of the show watching from the back of the hall. MAGNIFICENT!


In stupid news this week, a couple of dudes blocked 19 Billion dollars in aid from going to people and places who need it… some of the money was targeted to people in their state. Everyone knows it will pass and be signed next week… why did the do it… they’re dicks.


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