Images from Todd Rundgren Live at the Wiltern Theater Los Angeles May 9th 2019

Sub-Titled: Did I write his set list?



Sweet D did Todd with me again. When I say “again” it means it’s her third or fourth time. I love him. She knows it makes me happy. The hot mustard at Coles makes her happy. Thus. Pre-show visit.

The Chandelier

I was pretty excited about seeing Todd again… I don’t exactly know why. I took a picture of the Marquee so you all could be as excited as me.

The Chandelier

As with Trower it was a very simple set up with the addition of videos.

The Chandelier

I took quite a few of these “long distance, couldn’t afford better seats” photos, so I won’t bore you with all of them… but my three takeaways are…

The Chandelier
  1. I was digging it so much I didn’t say anything to the guy behind me who talked during the entire show. He was ‘splainin’ Todd to his son. Every nuance of every song. I was happy he was doing it. D, not so much.
  2. Speaking of D, she turned to me and said, “You don’t have to tell me the name of every song after the first note.” Yeah, I was that guy. I got a little too excited.
  3. The setlist was like he was plugged into almost every song I’ve become fixated on over the years. The only two songs he missed that I put on ‘endless repeat’ were “Wailing Wall” and “Hawking.” Otherwise… UFB! I heard “Fair Warning” live and almost cried.
The Chandelier

Love owns us all,

time owns us all,

life owns us all

But the world doesn’t own me…



Intro (How About a Little Fanfare?)

Set 1:

I Think You Know

Open My Eyes

Hello It’s Me

We Gotta Get You a Woman

I Saw the Light

It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference

Black Maria

An Elpee’s Worth of Toons

Sometimes I Don’t Know What to Feel

Too Far Gone

A Dream Goes on Forever

The Death of Rock and Roll

Can We Still Be Friends

Real Man

Love of the Common Man


Couldn’t I Just Tell You

Fair Warning

Set 2:

VIDEO w A Treatise on the Cosmic Fire (Pt 2)


The Individualist


Black and White

Eastern Intrigue

Tiny Demons

Lost Horizon

Buffalo Grass

Bag Lady

The Want of a Nail


Fade Away


TODD performs Fair Warning on 2019 Tour

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